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Blessings Nqo Nkomo
Blessings Nqo Nkomo was born and brought up in Zimbabwe's second largest city of Bulawayo, although a reasonable chunk of his childhood was spent at his rural village in Matopo, some 40 Kilometres south west of Bulawayo.

It was in Matopo that Nqo's singing instincts were first realised when he was a member of the primary school choir. Although for the other students participation in the choir was to merely pass a duty, for Nqo it was an opportunity to realise his dream. It was an opportunity to prove to his family that he also had what it takes to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Thomecki Dube, an internationally acclaimed vocalist with Black Umfolosi, one of the leading Imbube groups in Zimbabwe.

At the very tender age of 12, Nqo had established himself as one of the key members of the school choir, helping the choir become a key contender for inter school awards. As a member of the school choir, Nqo performed at a number of functions both at school and in the community, taking part in such events as speech and prize giving days, as well as weddings. He did all this in an outstanding manner that not only saw him becoming one of the most popular members of the choir, but also helped his talent to continue to grow.

During his two years in the school choir Nqo worked on polishing his vocal prowess. In those days, he also established himself with the outstanding manner in which he would imitate and make renditions to such groups as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Grammy Award winning group from South Africa, as well as Impiyosiko, a Zimbabwean group that was making waves at the time.

On completion of his primary education, Nqo moved back to Bulawayo where he enrolled for his secondary education at Sobukhazi High School.
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