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The Cast

Ramadu (vocals and percussion)
Ramadu started his career in his hometown of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at the age of 15 as a member of Insingizi Emnyama in 1990. His real name is Dumisani Moyo but he prefers to use Ramadu as his artistic name. Ramadu was interested in traditional music and dance at an early age when he attended Mzilikazi Primary School. He attended the music and dance lessons held by the famous Kalanga singer and traditional dancer Mr. Malaba who used to visit schools to teach and revive traditional music and dance. As a child, Ramadu used to perform and entertain his uncle and other family members at home in a tiny dining-room by imitating the world famous Ladysmith Black Mambazo's music called Mbube. The payment for the 30 minutes long "family concert" were only sweets and an extra piece of meat on the evening meal.

Vusa Mkhaya Ndlovu (vocals)
Born in Bulawayo the city of kings, Zimbabwe on the 19th of October 1974, Vusa is a singer, songwriter, composer and choreographer whose music and dance talent became apparent at the tender age of nine when he was still in junior school.

Blessings Nqo Nkomo (vocals)
Nqo was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and did his primary education at Matopo primary school. He started his music career singing in the school choir. He finished his primary education and proceeded to Sobukhazi secondary school to do his "O level". He began singing professionally in 1994 when he joined the group Insingizi. After being with the group for one year they toured Austria, Denmark and Slovenia. In 1996 Insingizi settled in Austria and Nqo attended music school for four years studying music theory and to play piano and drums. Besides singing with the group Nqo is working as a solo artist and has recorded two CDs to date under his name.

Roland Guggenbichler (piano)
Roland Guggenbichler was born in Braunau/upper Austria. He started to play the accordion as a child and switched to piano as a youngster. Long before "world music" was getting popular among music aficianodos Roland had his own melange of different styles in his ears and in his head, including Tyrolean folk songs as sang by his grand mother, classical music as taught in the local music school, and jazz and Rock`n`Roll. As a professional musician Roland has played with some of the most established names in the Austrian music scene, such as Kurt Ostbahn, Erika Pluhar, Hans Theessink, Hans S÷llner and others.